As a writer my preference has always been to explore stories about people experiencing their personal highs and lows, and to examine how they react to these contrasting moments. I want my photography to also reflect that. I’ve always been drawn to shooting in a photojournalistic style, but I want to apply that discipline across a range of genres, most notably at this stage sport, travel, and events of all types.

I have a particular interest in shooting the major codes of football – AFL, soccer, rugby – the Australian summer pastime of cricket, and sailing (I worked on boating magazines for many years and retain a passion for the sea). However, my photographic interests extend to shooting events and people in diverse fields such as sports of all types, business, architecture, music, and community festivals. In all these fields I like to engage with people.

I also enjoy shooting travel images, landscapes, and environmental portraits. I get out to the countryside with my camera to hunt photos whenever I can.

I want to explore the stories of people's lives through images and words. Everybody has a narrative and as a photographer they matter as much or more than the high-profile events to which we’re exposed through all types of media.